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Tecnoflotas Corporate Dossier

Tecnoflotas is the platform you need to control and analyse all the information coming from the vehicles and drivers of your fleet.

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Geotab GO Device Dossier

Geotab’s state-of-the-art fleet management device is designed to meet the needs of your fleet today and in the future.

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GEOTAB Dossier Control of the Cold Chain

Easily monitor and control the temperature of your cargo during transport. Geotab offers real-time temperature monitoring, customised alerts, analysis reporting and error code detection for improved cold chain tracking.

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Dossier GEOTAB Keyless

Geotab Keyless is a scalable digital key solution that will help you secure your shared vehicles, reduce costs and increase utilisation. Optimise your fleet operations with Geotab Keyless, and discover how a keyless solution can benefit your fleet.

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